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May 21, 2009 is launched.



Welcome to Central Illinois Maps web site. is a collaborative effort led by the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission to bring internet mapping capabilities to public agencies in the Central Illinois region.


What is

Background is a collection of mapping websites dedicated to sharing geographic information collected by various governmental agencies. The Central Illinois region has made significant investment in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology, this collection of mapping sites is a means of sharing the information with the public.


This project has three main objectives, which are Internet mapping, Intranet mapping and data sharing.

Internet mapping - Many communities offer internet mapping. This is done to give the public access to important geographical information such as: zoning, economic development sites, snow routes, garbage pick up routes etc. Agencies are now using GIS and have seen benefits. Making the information available on the internet extends those benefits to a larger audience, including citizens, business development prospects and others who have an interest in an agency’s infrastructure, and mapped assets.

Intranet mapping - By having internal Intranet sites an agency can allow access to GIS information for everyone on its network while avoiding many of training and software costs associated with making GIS available to more of its staff. It will also allow the data to be managed from a central location.

Data Sharing - Data sharing can be accomplished much more efficiently using a central GIS Server. For example, if the updated County Cadastral (tax parcel) data were uploaded to the GIS server on a weekly or monthly basis, the GIS server would display those maps to the clients seamlessly. Participating agencies would always have access to the latest data, as well as giving access to departments or agencies that need that agency’s information.

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